From the presentation at the Boston AES meeting held 27-Feb-18 at Shillman Hall, Northeastern University, Boston, MA. In addition to being a technical presentation aimed at anyone involved with audio, it also served as an example for students interested in submitting papers to upcoming AES events.

Resistor noise presentation.  pdf icon Rnoise.r3.1

A pdf file made from a power point can’t contain media files, those have been uploaded to this post in the section below.

  • The files used to show experimenting with audibility of 1/f noise (as done during the presentation) are found in this post.
  • The written paper is also available and posted here.


Page 6

These are compressed files and not suggested for use in experiments, they are only intended to provide an easy comparison of the general sound of white and pink noise. They were generated using Audacity.

White noise example.

Pink noise example.

Page 8

This was created by modifying a matlab script that was posted on the Mathworks site. The .wav file had some white noise added and minor post processing to try an better approximate the sound of this phenomena.

Shot noise example

Page 13

The four examples on this page were previously posted and available here.

Pages 17 & 19

Illustrates why averaged FFTs might miss important things. The yabba dabba do video.


Page 30

Before and

after fixing a grounding issue.